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Grasl & Partner is an event and marketing agency based in Vienna. We firmly believe that the world wants and needs beautiful moments. We therefore combine imagination, strategic thinking and actions to create moments that inspire. Moments in which your audience gets in touch with your company and brand. Moments where sustainable customer relationships are build. Moments of which your company can profit from.

With powerful concepts and affectionate realisation Grasl & Partner creates events, where every moment counts.




Grasl & Partner creates moments. That meet your project objectives.

Planning & Consultancy

Event,- and Marketing-Consulting, Concept Development, Storytelling

Design & Production

Corporate Event, Consumer Event, Exhibition, Incentive, PCO, Promotion, Roadshow, interactive brand experience, private special occasion


Pop Up, Special Event, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality


Event KPI`s, short,- and longterm Impact

Made with love for great people

How we work

It is our heartfelt mission to create sustainable moments and experiences for our clients. We aim for one-of-a-kind event concepts that relentlessly reflect the company‘s core values. Grasl & Partner wants to always explore new boundaries, evoke emotions and reach far beyond the known horizons of events “off the rack”. This is how we create space, for moments that count.
We focus on creating moments. Grasl & Partner creates concepts not based on standards. We reinvent steps new each time – from the perspective of the guests. Grasl & Partner strives to incorporate remarkable new measures and elements into strategic means and stories. Ideas are always our most important gem. This is how we create moments that count.
We put great emphasis on project management. We – the so-called “moment makers” work in line with international standards and we maintain a close communication with our clients.
Grasl & Partner‘s long-standing partnerships with Europe’s most experienced suppliers help us to always deliver individually the best solutions to our clients. Our credo is: to assure a unique security: to bring together what belongs together.

Clients about us

„Young, spirited, creative – exceptionally unique and elegant. All it needs for a top-class luxury event."

Andreas Weißenbacher, BWT Group

Clients about us

„With everything the Location Gösserhalle offers and with the right concept, an event has to be a success. In this ballpark completely unique in Vienna."

Stefanie Furch, Der Standard

Clients about us

"In only two days this agency is able to transform an empty hall into a Kick-Off-Event-Location of the special kind - Simply amazing!"

s IT Solutions Austria

Clients about us

„You have to say, awesome agency … „normal“, nothing with them."

Alexander Schuster, ZTE Austria

Clients about us

„Building bridges together –
more than once they found possibilities facing the impossible."

Pius Strobl, Eurovision Songcontest

Clients about us

„Like in sports: peak performance at every event"

Corinna Widenmeyer, Mercedes-Benz Austria

Clients about us

„A “Smart” on the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel is like an agency with ideas: possible."

Markus Burscha, Wiesenthal GmbH

Clients about us


Katharina Swoboda, Siemens Austria


Grasl & Partner makes event-history since 2010. Events one talks about.


Outstanding projects need remarkable people. Grasl & Partner’s team can look back on decades worth of event marketing experience. We live and love events and a “wow” in the eyes of our guests.
Emanuel Grasl Grasl & Partner Event und Marketingagentur

Founder & CEO

since 2010

Emanuel Grasl
Julia Sommerhuber Grasl & Partner Event und Marketingagentur

Senior Consultant Eventmarketing

since 2020

Julia Sommerhuber
Andrea Mayer Grasl & Partner Event und Marketingagentur

Senior Consultant Eventmarketing

since 2012

Andrea Mayer
Eva Doppler Grasl & Partner Event und Marketingagentur

Senior Consultant Eventmarketing

since 2010

Eva Doppler
Sophie Maier Grasl & Partner Event und Marketingagentur

Junior Consultant Eventmarketing

since 2018

Sophie Maier
Angelika Eğilmez Grasl & Partner Event und Marketingagentur

Finance & Accounting

since 2016

Angelika Eğilmez
Aline Grasl-Gagern Grasl & Partner Event und Marketingagentur

Grafic & Web

since 2012

Aline Grasl-Gagern
Maly Grasl & Partner Event und Marketingagentur

Office Dog

since 2010

Cookie Grasl & Partner Event und Marketingagentur

Office Dog

since 2018


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